The ESNcard is an official membership document that you get when you become a member of an ESN section. 

Officially there are two types of members: Active members and Passive members. 

The only difference between those two types of members is that the Active members have the right to apply and to vote for the different positions in their ESN section. E.g. if you are an Active member of ESN- Zagreb you can apply to be the president of ESN-Zagreb and other Active members have the right to vote if they want you as the president. 


Every person that goes on any exchange project has the right to acquire an ESNcard as a Passive member, in the city in which they are doing their echangeAs an ESNcard holder you are entitled to various discounts in various restaurants, bars, shops everywhere in Europe and you will be able to get online discounts for buses and other services.  

Acquiring the ESNcard in Zagreb is very easy. 

  1. Fill out the Google form: ESNcard Form 

  1. Come to the ESN-Zagreb office (addresUlica Kralja Zvonimira 8, 3rd floor)* 

  1. Bring a picture of yourself (ideally a small picture, but we can crop it for you if necessary) 

  1.  Pay 7kunas 

  1. Walk out of the office and enjoy the discounts 

If you want to take advantage of the online discounts (like Flixbus) you will have to register your ESNcard on 



*The office is open every Friday from 12h till 18h. In case of changes we will notify you at least one day before on our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter