Ahhh! As sad as it is, your Erasmus in Zagreb is slowly approaching its end and it'll soon be time to say goodbye to your new beloved friends, to Zagreb and to all the memories you have made here...

Saying goodbye to people who have become a part of your heart and to a new life you've been building is hard but sometimes, unfortunately, inevitable, however... Let's not sorrow over it and let's make a celebration out of it instead!

We want to give you an opportunity to express all your thoughts and feelings about your Erasmus stay in Zagreb - share with others your best Erasmus experiences and memories, tell us what's on your mind, give a short speech to your friends and tell them how much you're going to miss them, tell us why Erasmus has changed your life (it has, admit it)... Both the content and the form of this sharing of your thoughts is completely up to you - you may use a PowerPoint presentation, or show us some photos of your best Erasmus moments, or deliver a speech, or something completely different - only the sky is the limit!

You may take part in this event as a speaker or as the audience. Either way, please fill in the following form and inform us on the role you choose to take: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13hy_Eu2LgVuYMW1nvbV9UZCU0C37g7jv8o0MMX81YUo/viewform?ts=5cefad56&edit_requested=true

After your part of the show is over, we´re going to announce the queen and the king of the semester, the best couple, the best friend and all the other titles you have an opportunity to vote for: https://forms.gle/6JX5vb4xb3UEJnJM9

After the event the last party of this semester will take place. Let´s party hard at Ritam grada and get a nice closure of the semester!
But that´s not all - on that lucky Friday everyone will have a chance to become one of the greatest artists we know: PICASSO! We´ll follow his wise words "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." and create some visible memories of this semester and that Friday, so put on a white T-shirt and give a chance to everyone around you to become a Picasso on your T-shirt!

P.S. We will have a couple of markers but it would be good if everyone brought some markers as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Bye-Bye Event:
Where: FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing); the exact room TBA
When: Friday, 7th June, 18h

Bye-Bye Party:
Where: Ritam grada
When: Friday, 7th June, 23:59h
The entrance is free!

07/06/2019 - 18:00 to 08/06/2019 - 06:00
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Unska 3
10000 Zagreb
  • Everyone is invited.