All I Want for Christmas


Before all the students disperse to their families and countries to celebrate Christmas in the warmth of their homes, it’s time for a last party or should we say last parties of the year. ESN Zagreb has prepared awesome events for the final week of this year. Let’s say goodbye to the year 2019, together and in style.


Erasmus Monday

Who said Monday is the worst day of the week? Certainly not in Zagreb. It has become an essential part of your Erasmus life to hang out at Rakia bar every Monday, free shot with a beer, what more can you ask for? Let’s not break a good tradition, and instead continue, because stories and friendships are being made there.

Pub Sleighing

After our chill Monday, it’s time for another Pub SLEIGHNIG. Let’s get you out of your comfort zone and do some challenges. As Dumbledore would have said: Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. Also, There is no need to use google maps to find location, you should know it by heart already, because Ban Jelačić Square is the heart of Zagreb nightlife; see you in front of the Statue at 19:30.


Beer Pong is Coming to Town

For all you beer lovers out there, it’s another round of Beer Pong. You never played Beer Pong, or you missed your chance to win last time? Doesn’t matter, it’s not all about the winning, but it is about playing. So, come join us again to participate in this king of all sports, and show your basketball/drinking talent. See you at 19:30 in front of, as you might have already guessed, Bikers Beer Factory.

Senorita Claus Reggaeton Edition

For all the Latino lovers out there, it’s winter fiesta time. Let’s escape for a bit from the cold Winter in Zagreb and enjoy ourselves in a hot atmosphere of Latin sounds at Hangout bar.


Naughty or Nice Party

For all of you out there who are still searching for their other half, stop searching and just come to the party at E11even club, because ESN Zagreb has prepared a match for you. Come at 23 o’clock and don’t be late because in the darkness of the club, you will find your match and if it turns out your half is a fit, you can even win some prizes.


Silent (Night) Party

After an exhausting week full of events, muster your remaining strength and come to the Silent party, where you can ignore people for a while and enjoy music of your choice with your own pair of headphones. Afterwards you can hop on stage and sing along with the crowd, because we also prepared a karaoke. For this occasion, we will introduce you to a new place, it’s Blackout club, let’s just hope that your night won’t be a complete blackout, if you know what I mean?


This is an opportunity for all Erasmus students to gather in Zagreb where the spirit of Christmas will join together while exchange students are having the best time of their life. For more information and registration forms, just follow this link: