The campaign aims at fostering the active engagement of exchange students within their local communities in all kinds of initiatives that can make a positive impact on society. It builds on the success of previous student commitment campaigns, such as the SocialErasmus and Social Inclusion Days, that mobilized thousands of international students around Europe to increase their engagement with their hosting communities. 


ESN believes that mobility programs are beneficial for the whole society, not only for those who take part in them. Therefore, the Social Impact Days are a realization of ESN´s mission: the enrichment of society through international students. The campaign wants to showcase the efforts that local associations of ESN make throughout the year to make mobilities more impactful for participants and communities while working on making them more appealing and inclusive to young people.


In that spirit, ESN Zagreb, once again, participated in the celebration of Social Impact Days. From April 22nd to May 9th, ESN Zagreb’s volunteers organized various initiatives that can have a positive impact on local society. Planting flowers in Maksimir Park, a yoga class with donations collected for humanitarian purposes, and playing quizzes together with the residents of a nursing home in Zagreb are just some of the events our volunteers made to leave a mark this semester!