Your Erasmus+ exchange mobility starts in a few months. You can feel instant happiness just imagining how you scan your boarding pass before you hop on a plane. Yes, we have all been in that state of mind. But there are also some questions that can not stop bothering you. We are all aware that coming to a whole new city as well a country can be challenging and demanding. You wish you could have a friend who is a local to help you out and just hang out.   

Do you remember that scene from the well-known sitcom ‘Friends’ when Rachel Green ditched Barry at the altar and climbed out of the restroom window before running into Central Park in a rain-soaked wedding dress, desperately looking for her local friend in New York, Monica, when she needed help? Luckily, she found her. You do not need that stress. Don’t be Rachel. Meet your local ESNbuddy even before your mobility starts in order he or she can offer their knowledge of the city in order to help you. 



How I can find accommodation suitable for my preferences? What is the best courier from which I can buy a SIM card in order to have 3g whenever I go? What are the best places in Zagreb to go out on weekends?   


I am sure those thoughts and many similar ones crossed our minds at least once. Don’t worry, ESN Zagreb always got your back! The solution we offer is called ESN Buddy, directly referred to one of the main goals of Erasmus+, Students helping Students. So, let’s hear a little bit more about that.  


ESNbuddy is a program which is developed to serve as a way to connect two sides of one Erasmus story:  an exchange student , someone who has all the questions regarding his stay in a foreign country, eager to have fun and ready to pass on the international spirit, and on the other side  a local student , someone willing to have almost all of the answers, interested in being a tourist in his own city accompanied by his/her Erasmus friend and keen to learn a new culture and language. 


ESN Zagreb has its own unique system of being a ‘Love Cupidon’, but in this case for establishing a long-lasting friendship . Our ESNbuddy coordinator will make sure to find an ESNbuddy suitable to your interests, way of living or academic background. If we make a mistake in our choice, do not worry, we can always fix that by finding a new one.  



The open application for the ESNbuddy program is always before the start of the new semester, so you can be able to settle down everything on time and wait for ‘the day’ to come to hop on a plane with a peaceful mind.  


In return, we ask for two things.  

The first one is simple. All you have to do is to go to our ESNBuddy matching service Papaya: Android link:
Weblink: provide us with all the required information and apply. 

The second one is even more simple.  

Just have fun. A lot of fun.   

Author: Ema Jovanovska