We might not all be as dedicated activists as Greta Thunberg, but there are some small changes that we can all make in our daily routine in order to try to slow down the global warming and the consequences of pollution. So here are some useful tips for you to start your new eco-friendly life!

Stop using plastic bottles and use reusable bottles

There are many reasons for YOU to change your plastic bottle with the new, glass one, we will name just a couple of them:

  1. Your health: plastic bottles contain dangerous chemical BPA which has been linked to various health problems (reduced fertility, premature labor and many others).
  2. Also, they have huge impact on animals: most of the plastic bottles end up in the ocean, and a lot of animals misplace them for food (especially caps of the bottles).
  3. And, of course there is the environmental impact: production of plastic bottles demands huge amounts of fossil fuels.

Fact: Most of the plastic bottles are not recycled and they end up in nature. It takes around 1000 years to disintegrate a piece of plastic.

Zagreb fact: 1 700 tons of plastic is being collected annually.


Biking/skating/walking instead of the public transport or car

Road traffic makes up 72% of global emission of CO2. Avoiding public transfer not only is good for the environment but also benefits your health, it keeps you moving and in shape. And we all know we spend too much time sitting, either at work, faculty or at the computer. Also, it reduces the traffic jam.

Facts: We emit 36 billion tons of CO2 per year. Emission of gas from public transport is influencing global temperature and its causing greenhouse effect.

Zagreb fact: Zagreb is the most polluted city in Croatia and air pollution is in constant rising.


Sorting waste

On daily basis we produce at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other waste. At least we can do is to start sorting that waste, the more waste we recycle, the less damage we do to nature, because the materials are being reused again. This is an action that should involve everyone; you are a part of a collective that is trying to make some changes for present and future generations.

The materials on this planet are not unlimited, there are scarce, which means there are limited amounts of goods available before the run out, so let’s try to prolong that scenario before we run out of resources.

Fact: Over 75 % of the waste is recyclable, but we recycle only 30 % of it.

Zagreb fact: Zagreb is creating 1/3 of total waste in Croatia; according to Eurostat data it is European capital of garbage, recycling and separating only 1 percent of total waste


It’s a worldwide problem to whose solution we can all contribute by making these small steps, so what are you waiting for? Hope on your bike to the office for your ESN Eco-friendly bottle.