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About ESN Zagreb

A bunch of students investing their time to help other students!



ESN Zagreb was founded in October 2010, as Zagreb Exchange Committee (ZEC). At the beginning of 2011 ZEC applied for membership in the Erasmus Student Network and its full membership was approved at CNR Tartu on July 4, under the name Erasmus Student Network Zagreb. The founders and the first Local Board of ESN Zagreb were Morena Šimatić as the President and Tena Osrečak as the Vice President.

Today, ESN Zagreb has over 70 members who are volunteering in 6 different teams - Intercultural Exchange Team, Health & Well-being Team, Social Inclusion Team, Public Relations Team, Party Team and Travel Team. Each volunteer is trying to build a better community while being part of one or two teams.

Each semester our volunteers organise a great number of diverse and educational activities for the incoming students in Zagreb which aim to help them connect with each other during their stay, get to know the local culture, everyday life and the beauty of nature in Zagreb and Croatia. Through different events such as International Dinner, Language Table, visits to retirement homes and shelters, all kinds of sports activities like bubble football, rugby and bouldering, trips to various destinations in Croatia, karaoke, and much, much more they connect with international students and the local community in order to enrich society and create the best possible mobility experience.

ESN Zagreb members posing with a flag

One of ESN Zagreb’s tasks is the promotion of mobility programmes, therefore, we regularly organise educational presentations and workshops for the local community in order to get them familiar with different possibilities of studying, volunteering or working abroad, as well as holding workshops on how to write a motivational letter and CV or how to apply for Erasmus+ scholarship.

Moreover, our hard work is rewarded and recognised by our own international community, and we have won many awards, such as SeCoSTAR for the best ESN Section Cooperation (ESN Lisbon + ESN Zagreb) in 2015, mobilitySTAR (for the best Mov’in Europe event MEekend), Section in the Spotlight award by ESN International (Network Committee) in 2017, Fundraising Award by ESN International (for the CAREoke event) in 2023 and Activity in the Spotlight by ESN International (for the Plants for (Comm)Unity event) in 2023.

ESN Zagreb is here for everyone who wants to study locally or internationally, or simply wants to help out! You can contact us via email: