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The Tale of Seville: The Biggest Event in the History of ESN

Biggest conference where the Erasmus Generation meets to learn and discuss the future of mobility in Europe and beyond...
Erasmus Generation Meeting cover image


Brace yourselves for the biggest student-led conference in Europe! The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) proudly presents the third edition of the Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM) – a symphony of diversity, dialogue, and dynamism poised to reshape the contours of international mobility and youth engagement. From the 4th to the 7th of April, 2024, the Erasmus Generation will colour the streets of Seville with their voices, making sure they are heard no matter the language they speak.

This year’s edition heralds a new era of inclusivity and empowerment under the theme of Removing barriers for active and equal participation. As Europe’s largest gathering of Erasmus alumni, this unparalleled event transcends boundaries, uniting over 1,600 participants from far and wide to ignite conversations, exchange ideas, and forge pathways towards enhanced international experiences and equal participation.

With opening and closing happening at the Fibes, the leading space for holding major events of all kinds, EGM Seville 2024 takes centre stage at the prestigious Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería, University of Seville, Spain. The following two pillars are at the core of this year’s conference:

  • Inclusive International Opportunities: The event advocates for universal access to mobility, ensuring that the transformative power of global experiences is accessible to all.
  • Participation in Democratic Life: In the light of the upcoming 2024 EU elections, EGM calls the youth to the forefront of European destiny, fostering engagement and advocacy through ESN’s flagship project, "Erasmus Generation in Action," co-funded by the European Parliament.

This event seamlessly blends magnificence and significance, featuring captivating dance and music performances, a majestic Flag Parade showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures, enlightening plenary sessions, interactive workshops, and the bustling hub of innovation known as the EGM Expo.

More than 200 dynamic sessions with over 180 speakers stand as a testament to EGM’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, combatting discrimination, and nurturing active citizenship.

During Saturday morning, the participants, together with the external jury of our esteemed guests, will be able to witness and participate in choosing the Erasmus Destination of the Year 2024, the title that is currently being chased by five finalists: Istanbul (Türkiye), Nicosia (Cyprus), Porto (Portugal), Seville (Spain), and Sofia (Bulgaria). The local ESN branches behind this work have proved their outstanding support, as well as their impressive collaborations with other organisations and Higher Education Institutions, towards supporting international student mobility and enriching their local communities. The winner will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, together with the ESN Awards highlighting the initiatives from around the Erasmus Student Network.

Among our esteemed guests, we are honoured to have Mr Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President of the European Commission, making this edition of the Erasmus Generation Meeting a truly historic gathering. In addition, Jaume Duch Guillot, the spokesperson of the European Parliament and Director-General of Communication of the institution, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Universities in Spain, and Sira Rego, Minister of Youth and Children of Spain, will also attend the Erasmus Generation Meeting Seville 2024.

EGM serves as the crucible of transformation, a common ground where stakeholders and volunteers unite to sculpt a brighter future for international education. Together, we illuminate the path towards enhanced mobility and youth empowerment. Because in Seville, every step tells a story.

Find more about Erasmus Generation Meeting and meet us in Seville in a week.