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Aromatica cosmetics and toiletries are unique galenic products manufactured on the basis of indigenous, aromatic plants on the Adriatic coast and the Croatian islands. If you have an ESNcard, you can get a 10% discount (except for items already on sale).

If you want to tour around Croatia and surrounding countries while you're here, reach out to Avantcar, ONLY at the following email: reservations@avantcar.hrand comunicate that you have an ESNcard to get a great deal.

With your ESNcard you can get a 15% discount on their service (rentals and tours)!

Is there a better souvenir for your international experience, than a permanent one? If your answer is no, then you are lucky because you can get a 20% discount at Bura Tattoo!

When in Zagreb pay a visit to the Cannabis Museum for only 5€ and get a 10% discount in their *hemps.hr shops.

Chillout Hostel and Timeout Heritage Hotel are located right in the city center and for you to get a 10% discount, reservations must be made directly via email: info@chillout-hostel-zagreb.com or time@out.city, and it must be noted it’s because of the ESNcard!

Cilindar Apartments offers you a discount for a group of people. To get it, you have to contact them via email sales@www-hostel.com and mention that you have the ESNcard.

If you visit Curry Bowl between 11:00 and 17:00, you can get a 10% discount with the ESNcard.

Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind test: to escape from a locked room in one hour! Escape rooms is full of unexpected twists and that's why we made sure that you have a 10€ discount per game with your ESNcard!

EverGreen Sushi Bar is an ideal place to relax with exotic flavors at affordable prices. And did we mention that you can get a 10% discount with your ESNcard if you come any time bbetween Monday and Thursday?

This restaurant is located in the very center of the city. They offer original Chinese wok dishes, and you can get a 10% discount with your ESNcard, any time between Monday and Thursday!

Whether fitness is already a part of your life or is about to become one, let Fitness center Forma (Hebrangova 21) or Forma Fit Factory (Martićeva 17) be a part of your story. Get amazing discounts with your ESNcard! (Find out more about the disscount on the Urbaniser app in our linktree available on Instagram!)


Living in a new country with new people can sometimes be challenging, but HomeInZagreb is here to ease the process with their wide choice of furnished apartments, rooms and housing options for students. Contact them at office@homeinzagreb.com and mention that you have an ESNcard to get a discount!

Main Square Hostel offers you a discount for a group of people. To get it, you have to contact them via email sales@www-hostel.com and mention that you have the ESNcard.

Treat yourself with an unusual experience of privacy in our loudest street and have a coffee on their front deck because with your ESNcard it’s only 1.90 € for a soda, 2.30 € or 3 € for a beer (depends on the type) and only 1.20 for a coffee!

You can say that creps are a way of life! Visit one of the locations of the Milky pancake house and you will start living that life too! All ESNcard holders get a 15% discount on everything in their restaurants in Zagreb.

Trace the history of chocolate, with a chocolate box as a ticket, in the sweetest museum in Zagreb. Use your ESNcard and you will get a discounted price of 7 € for this interactive experience!

Test your perception of reality, with various optical illusion and exhibits. Enter into a "smart playroom" with games & puzzles at the Museum of Illusions! Use your ESNcard to get a 15% discount!

Quirky museum dedicated to funny stories of drinking and hangovers, with props, games and simulators. Bring your friends and get a 10% discount on student ticket price with ESNcard!

This museum is located in a baroque palace displaying personal objects from former lovers along with a brief synopsis. Visit this unique museum and get a student discount!


In their rich offer, you will find delicious and healthy dishes prepared with love. The focus of their kitchen is on a nutritious and balanced diet, which is also plant-based. And if you have an ESNcard, you can get a 10-15% discount depending on their current dishes and what they have on offer!

Photo Studio Škljoc is located in the city centre and offers a whole range of services. You can develope all formats of photographs, scan old photos, films and slides, aswell as print texts and documents. The find the exact discounts you can attain with your ESNcard, visit the ESNcard.org website. For any additional information you can't find on ESncard.org, send an email to agencijaskljoc@gmail.com with your request.

Get a 10% discount on their entire selection of products and spice up your life!

This restaurant offers a full menu of authentic, traditional culinary delicacies representing the Zagreb-Zagorje region of Croatia. Don’t miss out on this delight because with ESNcard you can get a 10% discount if you pay in cash, and a 5% discount if you pay by card!

Museum of Selfie and Memories gives you unlimited fun, immense joy and adorable pictures. And you can get a ticket for only 5€ with your ESNcard!

Make sure to visit this street food because they have the most amazing burgers, and you'll for sure want to visit them again! If you have an ESNcard, you also get a  15% discount!

Whole Wide World Hostel offers you a discount for a group of people. To get it, you have to contact them via email sales@www-hostel.com and mention that you have the ESNcard.

The Zagreb Youth Theater is a modern, prestigious theatre hand in hand with recent European trends in the performing arts. If you want to see the most amazing plays while in Zagreb, make sure to to take a look at our Urbaniser app available on our linktree on Instagram to see what kind of discounts you can get with ESNcard!