Congratulations! You get the chance to change the world today!

You say you know exactly how to make this world a better place? Show us!

Did you know that young person make up 25 percent of the population in Europe but their voices are not equally heard and their opinions not equally represented in political structures and institutions?

The need for change and improvement is at an all-time high and who better to be the catalyst of change than our youth. We are the future, and with us, we carry hope for a better tomorrow. It's been long overdue, but our desire to better the world we live in deserves to be acknowledged. Too many of our ideas go unnoticed just because it seems intimidating and complicated to put them into motion, but not anymore because programs like The 25 Percent exist now!

If you've always had big ideas and projects that you think could benefit the world and your community but you don't know how to bring them to life, you should join The 25 Percent Project and make an impact on the things you want to change at every level — in your community, your city, region, or even state and European level.

The 25 Percent project was created by young people for young people in order to have our voices heard and for our ideas to shape the world we live in. The programme has 12 partners and was made in cooperation with 5 international youth organizations. One of which is the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

If you've already got ideas brewing inside of you as you are reading this, wait no more! Your road to implementing change is closer than you think! All you have to do is write your big idea, on what the future of Europe should look like, in the share your idea form on The 25 Percent program website (you can use the form as many times as you'd like). Every idea will be read by a group of researchers, one by one — no machines, no computers, no AI. 

Once it has been made sure that your ideas are understood they will be then presented to the Conference on the Future of Europe and other decision-makers to fight for the changes you want to see. That's it! That's all you do on your part, and now your ideas have been set off to fight for what you truly believe in. Since it's been made that accessible, why should we not try to be the change we want to see in the world?

If you wish to do more than just submit your idea, The 25 Percent website has a handbook on building your own campaign and organizing your initiative to make a change. All this information was gathered with the purpose of educating our youth to speak up so that they can take action!