After all the fun events and parties, after a week of getting to know Croatian culture, we now have something else in store for you. If you are a person in need and/or a person aware of others in need, this week is perfect for you! In this series of events, we offer you a chance to be included in society, get to know different social groups and make someone else's day brighter. 


Our Social Inclusion Days begin with ´GAME OF SENSES´ which will be held on Wednesday the 20th of November. Helping each other when we are in need is something we should always be ready for and there are unlimited opportunities to do so. We offer you a chance to raise awareness of the difficulties that people around us deal with by participating in this event. We have prepared games such as whisper challenge, mime and other activities that include blindfolds and similar things. Helping can start with small things but should never end there. This event is a perfect way to understand and engage with those that are in need. 



Coming up next is the event ´OLDIES BUT GOLDIES´ which will warm your heart. We are taking you to a retirement home to give you an idea of how everyday life looks for those that live there. Not only you will have the opportunity to receive some wisdom from the elderly, but you will have the chance to make them happier for the upcoming holidays. Get your creative mode on because you get to participate in a creative Christmas workshop that will help them decorate their homes. 


Helping out does not only mean helping other human beings but also helping animals and in the event ´WHO LET THE DOGS OUT´, which is held on the 25th of November, we are doing exactly that. After raising awareness about the things that matter and helping other people, it is now our turn to help man's best friend. Unfortunately, there are many abandoned dogs but thanks to good people they are lucky to have a place to be in animal shelters such as the one we have in Dumovec, called Noina Arka. Winter is coming which means that dogs need places to stay and volunteers need help which you can offer by participating in this event. What we can offer is walking the dogs, playing with them and preparing the shelter. Isn't this a great way of helping while also having a good time?



Considering that this week is about inclusion in society, all social groups should be involved. What we encounter in every city we go to are people without a place to go or anyone to help them. It is our turn to do something to change that! After our city tours during the welcome week, we are now organizing one more, but with a very different guide. On November 28th we invite you for a tour with a homeless person as our guide where we’ll have opportunity to discover first-hand how homeless people survive in the city.


A good way of raising awareness is, of course, organizing a party! This time with special guests, ESNers and Erasmus students from one of our most famous cities, Dubrovnik. This party will be held in appreciation of Movember which aims to raise awareness about men's health. We are looking forward to seeing all the moustaches grown throughout what’s known as no shave November. Join us on Friday the 29th, where we will celebrate all the moustaches as well as have the chance to get to know each other better, and the best thing is, it’s all done in the spirit of helping. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you!


After a series of events where we help other people, helping ourselves is just as important and this last event is all about you. We want you to feel safe both in our city and everywhere else that you go which is why we’re giving you a chance to learn how to defend yourself. If you want to learn the basic principles of self-defence but don't have time for long-term training, participating in this event will teach you effective techniques for avoiding and preventing attacks. Everyone should have the opportunity to defend themselves and we are giving you a chance to do so. Krav Maga is effective self-defence for everyone, regardless of age or gender, based on natural human movement and it is easy and useful to learn. Our ´SELF DEFENCE´ event will be held on the 3rd of December. 


For more info on the schedule and how to apply for the events, visit our Facebook Event